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A concierge service for elite athletes utilizing Integrative Progressive Return (IPR) techniques across multiple disciplines, for accelerated return to play. 
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Beverly Hills All-Star Orthopedic Treatment for Athletes

Dr. Derek T. Dee, a highly trusted Orthopedic Doctor in Beverly Hills,has the expertise to get you back out there, whether you are a professional athlete or weekend warrior. Subspecialty certified in orthopedic sports medicine (OSM), Dr. Dee is dedicated to treating athletic or sports injuries of the musculoskeletal system, with a special focus on shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and foot and ankle injuries. Dr. Dee is committed to providing a broad continuum of orthopedic care to all athletes over the course of their career through sports medicine, physical therapy and rehabilitation services in his Beverly Hillsand Los Alamitos office.

Sports Injury Specialists Los Alamitos | Orthopedic Doctor Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills All-Star Orthopedic Treatment - Sports Medicine

Sports medicine focuses on optimizing athletic performance.

I am able to provide pain-reduction treatments for both acute, sudden and chronic, long-term painwith the goal of returning all athletes to full performance.

Beverly Hills All-Star Orthopedic Treatment - Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is often used in the treatment of sports related injuries.

I use a variety of physical therapy treatment options including ultrasound, joint and spine mobilization/manipulation, hot and cold packs, therapeutic exercises, and electrical stimulation modalities. My main focus is to improve all athlete’s conditions by using various exercises.

Beverly Hills All-Star Orthopedic Treatment - Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is crucial in regaining, improving and maintaining one’s strength and mobility.

I can diagnose and provide treatment for a variety of injuries affecting nerves, muscles, and bones. My methods of conservative, non-invasive rehabilitation treatments are especially vital in treating many sports-related injuries.

Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills All-Star Orthopedic Associated Services

  • Revision shoulder or knee surgery
  • Anatomic or Double-bundle ACL reconstruction
  • Synthetic Fiber-reinforced ACL repair
  • Cartilage surgery, including osteochondral transplant
  • Meniscus transplant
  • All arthroscopic hip, knee, and shoulder surgery
  • Platelet rich plasma enhanced surgery
  • Hyaluronic acid or joint lubrication treatment
  • Complex joint procedures involving cartilage, tendon, and ligament procedures

Our professional staff reflects our philosophy and includes staff members from a variety of healthcare disciplines, including board certified physicians, licensed physical therapists, and trained administrative personnel.

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