Alleviating Knee Pain with Yoga

Knee injuries are among the most common types of injuries that athletes suffer. Just last month Comcast Sportsnet Chicago posted an article that identified key players for multiple cities that have been sidelined due to knee injuries—the list spanned key players for Chicago, Oklahoma, Boston, Arizona, Tennessee, New York, and two Los Angeles stars from different teams, making it clear just how common and dangerous knee injuries can be for athletes.

Even if you are not an athlete, accidental slips, sharp movements, or abrupt changes in direction can cause tears in ligaments or fractures that cause pain and discomfort. The most important thing to do after injury is to have your knee specialist look at the extent of the damage to set you on the road to recovery as quickly and safely as possible.

If you are still lucky enough to be in the stages of preventing injury before it happens, leg and knee strengthening through Yoga is something to consider. For the nearly 11 million Americans who complain about knee pain to their doctors, Yoga has been an unexpected helper that not everyone is willing to consider.

The misconception about Yoga is that you have to be incredibly flexible or be able to perform complex physical contortions. The truth, however, is that there are multiple levels that all help to strengthen muscles, tendons, and ligaments that we don’t usually work out or take care of. What Yoga does, that other types of workouts don’t do as well is keep your joints properly aligned as you build strength.

Of course, when considering Yoga it is best to stick with the basics if you are new and to find others in your area with more experience for guidance. Yoga can help you to build flexibility and strength which will help you to avoid injury, or it can help you as a great tool for recovery post injury.

If you’ve never considered Yoga in order to strengthen your knees and ligaments, then perhaps trying it out to see if it’s for you could save you potential knee problems in the future. Yoga is a great physical work out whether or not you decide to move past the initial levels.

You cannot always protect yourself from injury, but having stronger knees and legs can definitely help with prevention. Remember that they key is to be safe and to take care of your body. Regardless of whether you already suffer from knee problems, you are considering Yoga for strengthening, or you’re simply curious about other safety measures the best course of action is always to contact a specialist.