Patient Comments

"You are our family doctor, really – you've taken care of my daughter's wrist and knee injuries, and my knee and shoulder. Thanks for being there for us."

- M.B., 45 year-old Engineer, Double-bundle ACL Reconstruction

"Dr. Dee, my shoulder is pain free, you rock!"

- T.R., 22 year-old Offensive Lineman, Labral Repair

"I'm ready for Junior Olympic tryouts next month! My knee pain is gone. Thanks Dr. Dee"

- A.B., 18 year-old Soccer Goalie, Meniscus Repair

"Keep fixin' me doc. I gotta work!"

- C.H., 51 year-old Industrial Plummer, Knee Osteotomy

"I'm doing great. I want the other one done"

- L.B., 59 year-old Police Lieutenant, Unicompartmental Knee Replacement