Dr. Dee sees Disc MD patients at the Beverly Hills and
Marina Del Rey locations.

About DISC Sports & Spine Center

DISC Sports & Spine CenterDISC Sports & Spine Center (DISC) delivers an unparalleled level of care in a modern, comfortable, and safe environment. We have over 40 experienced physicians, each offering our patients with individualized, cohesive care. Our specialists utilize both traditional and innovative solutions to diagnose, treat, rehabilitate, and optimize performance. We are trusted by some of the world’s elite athletes, but we also provide service to the public. DISC serves as a model for healthcare in the twenty-first century.

Ultra Clean Outpatient Environment

Clean Out Patient EnvironmentWhen a surgical intervention is necessary, DISC physicians routinely perform minimally invasive spine and arthroscopic procedures in a private, ultra-clean outpatient setting. With over 7,000 cases to date, DISC maintains a zero MRSA infection rate.

The Importance of an Accurate Diagnosis

Our Spine CenterThe first and foremost step to effective treatment is an accurate diagnosis. With a complete understanding of the patient’s condition and needs, DISC’s physicians work together, utilizing the right tools from the start, often avoiding surgery altogether.

New Patients

Surgery RoomThe same gold standard of care enjoyed by leadingathletes is available to everyone. DISC welcomes patients from all backgrounds looking to improve their wellbeing and quality of life. Patients with concerns or confusion over where to begin are encouraged to call DISC directly and adedicated staff member will help to navigate care options.

Integrated Team of Experienced Sports Medicine & Spine Care Physicians

officeDISC’s integrated team works directly with elite athletes pushing the limits of human potential. From diagnostic performance to physical rehabilitation and surgical intervention, DISC’s team helps world-class athletes achieve and maintain top physical performance. The holistic approach to treating athletes in an integrated environment is applicable to everyone.

Each patient presents a different set of goals and challenges. DISC’s team works in cohesion to address the total health of the patient and bring the same level of detail and attention to each individual, achieving an accurate diagnosis and effectivetreatment plan from the start.

Safe Environment

Safe EnvironmentWith hospital infection rates as high as 5-10%, DISC’s surgery center is designed to reduce post-operative infections using custom, 100% HEPA-filtered air handling units and strict nursing protocols. DISC’s facility has zero surgical infections to date.

Comprehensive Care

Our Spine CenterAs a physician-owned facility, DISC delivers comprehensive care in a personal and professional manner. From initial consultation through follow up treatment, DISC’s skilled team works to accommodate and inform patients while simplifying the health care experience.

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