Pro Sport Institute

A concierge service for elite athletes utilizing Integrative Progressive Return (IPR) techniques across multiple disciplines, for accelerated return to play. 
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Second Opinion Program

Are you a candidate for . . .

  • Revision shoulder or knee surgery for persistent symptoms after prior procedures?
  • Anatomic or Double-bundle ACL reconstruction to prevent early onset of arthritis?
  • Synthetic Fiber-reinforced ACL repair for early return to sports?
  • Cartilage surgery, including osteochondral transplant for joint preservation?
  • Meniscus transplant, to delay further joint degenerative changes?
  • All arthroscopic hip, knee, and shoulder surgery?
  • Capsular tightening for "occult" knee and shoulder laxity (i.e. negative MRI and/or negative arthroscope)
  • Platelet rich plasma enhanced surgery?
  • Hyaluronic acid or joint lubrication treatment?
  • Complex joint procedures involving cartilage, tendon, and ligament procedures?

For a complete consultation, a detailed history and physical exam is typically required, as well as review of any previous diagnostics (MRI or XR CDs or films) or operative reports.
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